Kingdom Conquest II



In KINGDOM CONQUEST II, successors of the legendary armband must build their kingdom, forge alliances, and wage war across the Land of Magna with players across the globe.

Game Objectives

Conquer all existing “Debris Towers” throughout the Land of Magna before the “Game Season” ends! Master the 3 “Parts” to establish your powerful empire! Forge alliances to further expand your influence!
Managing “Simulation Part” Exploring “Action Part” Commanding “Strategy Part”

Managing “Simulation Part”

Unveil the Mysteries of Magna!

Complete quests to see the story unfold. What secrets does Magna keep hidden?

Gather Resources!

Collect resources and build your army!
Manage your resources of “Wood”, “Stone” and “Iron”.

Strengthen Your Army!

Spend resources and construct facilities to strengthen your monster's attributes!

Expand Your Stronghold!

Freely construct and place your facilities in full 3D. Complete quests to expand your space and influence!

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Exploring “Action Part”

Five Unique Class Choices!

“Priest” and “Ninja” join the roster to 5 classes! Greatly expanded skillsets!

Acquire Powerful Equipment!

Loot powerful equipment from dungeon treasure boxes. Brandish your new weapons and head for the top floor!

4 Player Online Coop Play!

Play up to 4 players simultaneously with others worldwide over Wi-Fi or 3G. Fight your way the dungeon and defeat those that stand in your way!

Complete Dungeons for Monster Cards!

Defeating dungeons will reward you with monster cards!
The more difficult the dungeons, the better quality of monsters!

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Commanding “Strategy Part”

Evolved Battle System!

The ever-popular battle system has evolved to new grounds!
Command up to 6 monsters per unit on 2x3 tiles. Master this new system and conquer all of Magna!

Brand New “Commanders”!

Formidable armies require powerful “Commanders”.
Progress the story and find out what powers they hold!

Expansive Global War Over Magna

Command your armies and conquer uncharted territories!
Conquer towers to unlock brand new dungeons to explore!

Automated Translations!

Use the in-game translation tool to communicate globally.
Forge alliances and take down the Debris Towers!

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